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The Wolves Within Our Walls NOW available at Amazon, B&N,, and more!

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OR you could adopt a black cat from a local rescue, like the one... 

L.E. Flinders studied political science, criminology, and sociology at the University of New Orleans.  She earned her Juris Doctor from Loyola University New Orleans, College of Law.  She has worked as an actress, a waitress, a juvenile diversion law clerk, a cashier, a paralegal, a barista, a hostess, a Rule XX prosecutor, a bartender, a zine distributor, a drag king, and a dog sitter, just to name a few.  She currently spends her days writing fiction, rescuing black cats, and eating excessive amounts of peanut butter.

Why should this matter to me?

It probably shouldn't. That said, if you enjoy post-apocalyptic, speculative, or even general dark literary fiction, you may want to check out her new book: The Wolves Within Our Walls.

What's it about?

Has she released anything else?

On April 21, 2021, the world as we know it ended due to a catastrophic technology and infrastructure collapse. The Wolves Within Our Walls follows a troubled 28-year-old waitress, Zoe Wilkes, through her internal and external struggles following the attack as she enters a sustainable, off-the-grid, housing community run by leader and former environmental lobbyist, Jacob Malin, and former cyber-security engineer, Miles Kirby.  We witness as she pleads with us to take a closer look at their community, and ours, and to accept our limited view of truth, the dangerous lure of familiarity, and the risk that both pose to our individual free will.

More titles are currently in the works. Please check back soon.

The book sounds interesting, but I HATE her political views/tweets. What should I do?

"Know thy enemy..."-Sun Tzu

"OR just don't follow her on Twitter..."-Frederick Douglass

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